Anne Marie F.Mar 7, 2020
I can’t say enough great things about Grey Matter Montessori. The management and teachers are all so friendly and welcoming:) This place has provided an amazing environment for my son to learn and…Read more...
Win N.Jun 30, 2022
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chloe W.Sep 9, 2021
My daughter goes to this school twice a week. It is her third day going to this school and I already see a difference. She is not even three yet (a little young for preschool) but luckily, she’s…Read more...
Andrea L.Aug 19, 2021
Federico R.Jun 7, 2021
Sharen H.Jun 20, 2020
Thumbs up! Can't be any happier to have both my kids in this school. A very positive safe environment with great caring teachers. A professionally managed school with the wellness of each kid in…Read more...
Sharen H.Jun 20, 2020
Thumbs up! Can't be any happier to have both my kids in this school. A very positive safe environment with great caring teachers. A professionally managed school with the wellness of each kid in…Read more...
Shaz P.May 23, 2020
5 stars is not enough for Grey Matter Montessori! Grey matter came highly recommended to me by my friends. . . and now i know why. Our daughter integrated so smoothly into the classroom, Reshma and…Read more...
Rosanna J.Apr 11, 2020
Gray Matter Montessorie has by far exceeded all my expectations. The thought and care that has gone into our homeschooling is incredible. My child loves it and loves seeing his teachers! At this…Read more...
Shirin R.Mar 9, 2020
Incredible program! Amazing teachers.. thank you for all you do !
Agnes L.Mar 6, 2020
Tulasi G.Mar 6, 2020
Narin S.Mar 6, 2020
Wonderful and friendly teachers and directors. Show a lot of care and attention to the students. Thank you.
Mike H.Mar 6, 2020
This School really takes care of our kids. Very thankful of all the positive experiences our kids have here!
Roheeda P.Mar 6, 2020
Thank you for offering aiyla the most caring learning environment. We have already seen a positive change in her and she is so happy.
Jie J.Mar 6, 2020
Nice to see some of the activities enjoyed by my child in the classroom!
christopher I.Mar 6, 2020
I think it was a great experience. Would reach out as soon as I identify an improvement opportunity. Great job
Beverley J.Mar 6, 2020
Maria A.Mar 1, 2020
esau F.Mar 1, 2020
david daniel bravo T.Mar 1, 2020
MariaFeb 28, 2020
MariaFeb 28, 2020
Shanila G.Feb 27, 2020
Great great school
Staff and directors are so humble n loving,I would always suggest to choose grey matter montessori for your child to grow
Nahid K.Feb 27, 2020
Amazing montessori school .Your child grows with lot of confidence.
The staff is very loving
Gabironman F.Feb 27, 2020
Great school, efficient and sweet teachers!!! Love it !!!
Shamsu L.Feb 27, 2020
Amazing and loving environment. Amazing and caring teachers. It provides all the montessori knowledge that your child will grow with.
RiazFeb 26, 2020
The staff is very nice n the owners are very polite n kind to talk with. The place is clean and has safe environment
Keep it up good job ?
Saheera L.Feb 26, 2020
Amazing and loving environment. It provides all the montessori knowledge that your child will grow with.
Gloria Feb 26, 2020
Very nicely nurtured and taken care of children . The best Montessori school and also safe and clean environment
NahidFeb 26, 2020
Amazing school with all the Montessori knowledge shared with children
The kids are growing n getting all the love they need at this age great Montessori school keep it up
NahidFeb 26, 2020
Amazing school with all the Montessori knowledge shared with children
The kids are growing n getting all the love they need at this age great Montessori school keep it up
Joseph M.Feb 26, 2020
The teachers at Grey Matter Montessori are amazing and have given our son great care. They make the learning experience fun for our son and create a wonderful environment. I recommend this preschool to all my friends!
Hanna V.Feb 24, 2020
Amazing management and staff, excellent environment for the children
Jesus Murillo V.Feb 24, 2020
the teachers and directors are great
Paulina F.Feb 24, 2020
Great School!!
Eduardo M.Feb 24, 2020
We were recommended to Grey Matter Montessori by a friend, I can honestly say making the decision to enroll our daughter in this school was the best choice we could have made for her and our family.
Luis M.Feb 24, 2020
I loved this school, i 100% recommend.
Ihsaan L.Feb 20, 2020
It’s really good as the staff there is nice and the place is kept in very well condition, the kids are always excited to go to school as well!!
Sunita F.Feb 12, 2020
Karla M.Feb 12, 2020
N S.Jan 12, 2020
A great place for your kids to learn and have fun. The facility is beautiful and spacious. The teachers are very caring and genuinely interested in the well being of your child. The founders are very…Read more...
Thotho Jan 6, 2020
I am really happy I put my daughter to greymatter, the owner she is wonderful, teachers are so nice and helpful I really appreciate what you do for my daughter thank you very much
S X.Jan 6, 2020
Hanif R.Jan 6, 2020
Wow the love and care shown for the children is far above what I expected. My child can't wait to go to school every morning and always wants to share what he has learned and experienced in class. Keep up the great work
Shirin R.Jan 6, 2020
Nataly W.Sep 16, 2019
Grey Matter Montessori has been an incredible community partner to Covenant Care for the last 3 years. Over the years, the students have come to visit our residents to share their talents and joie de…Read more...
Lisa & T.Jun 27, 2019
Grey Matter Montessori is a great school and we are glad that our daughter went there. She was a very shy girl when she started a year ago and at the end she is very much different and she loved all…Read more...
Warren G.Jun 27, 2019
The teachers and facility is the best we have ever been to. They truly care about their students and their families and have an amazing program. My wife and I had checked out several Montessori…Read more...
Uchenna O.Jun 27, 2019
Amazing School! My daughter has shown vast improvement in literacy and numeracy! She was always eager to go to school, adores her teachers and her peers!
Opoku A.Jun 27, 2019
4Sisters 2019 (Blissfully R.Jun 27, 2019
We can’t say enough praises for this school. Every Montessori school is different and Our 3 year old had a terrible experience with one Montessori school in the NW. We then found this one and our…Read more...
Linda Jun 27, 2019
We are glad we made the decision to send my daughter to your school, I am very impressed with the things she learned this school year. All of you are amazing, keep up the good work.
Sara S.Jun 27, 2019
The best preschool in the town!
The teachers are amazing the school is great,and clean . I would definitely recommend all my friends and family here!
lalito554Jun 26, 2019
Vazquez C.Jun 26, 2019
Almin K.Jun 25, 2019
Neelam S.Jun 18, 2019
I wanted to wait till the end of they year to rate the school since I have had a really bad experience with another school we put my daughter in. But this school is really worth every cent. I not…Read more...
misse C.Jun 7, 2019
My kids recently joined Grey Matter Montessori and they were welcomed with such love and kindness. The entire staff are so welcoming and so patient with the kids and parents lol too. I love that each…Read more...
Xinning Y.Jun 1, 2019
Aman D.Nov 28, 2018
Phoebe H.Nov 27, 2018
The care and thoughtfulness of the teachers are outstanding, my daughter is love her preschool. Highly recommend this school.
Ellen D.Nov 27, 2018
Semim R.Nov 17, 2018
Children at Grey Matters Montessori must be the luckiest to be there.
What more can You ask for , when the children are cared for by a professional Psychologist whom I greatly admire😍👌
Almin K.Jul 26, 2018
William S.Jun 22, 2018
This is my daughters second year with Grey Matter and we can't say enough great things about the program! The teachers are AMAZING and they truly go above and beyond the call of duty! Their…Read more...
kristie R.May 9, 2018
We chose Grey Matter for our son because we liked the theory and approach of educating the whole child through various practices, materials and fun activities. As it’s been our son’s first…Read more...
A M.May 3, 2018
I've seen huge changes in my niece that went to Grey Matter Montessori. She is now more focused on tasks, has learnt to clean up after herself and cannot wait to go to school! She especially loves…Read more...
Asmita K.Apr 24, 2018
Love love love this place!
my K.Apr 24, 2018
Fahreen L.Apr 24, 2018
Siobhan M.Apr 24, 2018
Such a positive learning environment for young children to learn and grow!
Peggy S.Apr 24, 2018
It was pleasure representing Northern Hills Dental at the Grey Matter Montessori last Monday. The director, staff and students were amazing. We had a very interesting and interactive session on…Read more...
Zeyan K.Apr 24, 2018
LIZXPDec 14, 2017
Awesome preschool, with great teachers and program! Close to my home which is great too! recommend!!!
Israa A.Dec 14, 2017
The teachers are very friendly. I love what they teach kids =)
guan S.Dec 13, 2017
Ojay Ojay (.Nov 25, 2017
Beatrice L.Jun 22, 2017
Grey Matter Montessori was one of my best experiences as a Parent. The teachers are great with the kids! My daughter loves her teacher and talks about her all the time. The director is amazing too…Read more...
Nisa K.Jun 21, 2017
Amazing nursery; fostering a positive, learning and developmental environment for the children. Very impressed with the layout and the caring and professional teachers / staff.
Vic H.Jun 20, 2017
(Translated by Google) I am very glad to find this school for my daughter since she was 3 years old. The teachers are amazing here, they use montessori method to teach the kids so many things with no…Read more...
Daripalli Sandeep K.Nov 24, 2016
The best school in Evanston, Calgary for Preschoolers. Kids will enjoy their time spent in the school.
Lorena Vivas L.Mar 11, 2016
Lola loves her pre school. Thank you for such an amazing job
Lavender L.Feb 29, 2016
Diane H.Jul 26, 2015
Zainul A.Mar 13, 2015